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Your Ultimate Niseko Adventure Awaits – Must-Try Activities for an Unforgettable Summer
Your Ultimate Niseko Adventure Awaits – Must-Try Activities for an Unforgettable Summer
June 7, 2023

As the snow-capped peaks have fully given way to lush green landscapes, Niseko transforms into a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking thrills and unforgettable adventures. Nestled in Hokkaido’s breathtaking beauty, the area offers many exhilarating activities that embrace the magic of summer. From serene biking trails and hiking routes with panoramic vistas to thrilling water sports on pristine rivers, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures for you to explore. Wondering what to do in Niseko for the summer? Read on to learn what activities await you!

NAC Adventure Park: Unleashing Thrills and Adrenaline in Niseko’s Treetop Wonderland

At the heart of Niseko lies a sprawling adventure park over 2 acres called NAC or Niseko Adventure Center Adventure Park. The park takes you through a series of thrilling treetop courses elevated between 5 to 13 metres above the ground. With six difficulty levels and over 130 unique challenges or “elements,” there’s an adrenaline-pumping experience for all ages, making it the perfect playground for children and adults alike. With safety as their utmost priority, NAC Adventure Park ensures each participant is securely harnessed and connected to the cables by magnetised buckles that keep you firmly attached throughout your treetop escapade. As you embark on this exhilarating journey, don’t forget to see the breathtaking views from above.

Hiking Haven: Exploring Niseko’s Majestic Trails and Captivating Summits

Now that summer has graced us with its warm embrace, it is the perfect time to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure through hiking. With an abundance of hiking trails catering to all skill levels, hiking in Niseko is the perfect activity to do in the summer. Seasoned hikers seeking an adrenaline rush will find solace in conquering the majestic summits of Mt. Yotei, an awe-inspiring symbol of Niseko, and Shiribetsu Dake, an elegantly formed conical mountain offering panoramic views of Lake Toya and the majestic mountain ranges that surround it. 

For those seeking a more relaxed yet gratifying experience, a leisurely hike up Mount Tarumae awaits. This active volcano continuously emits wisps of smoke from its summit. Within just 1.5 hours, you’ll find yourself basking in the captivating beauty of lush green lowlands, the shimmering Lake Shikotsu, and even the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Beginners and novice hikers need not fret, as Mt. Iwaonupuri presents as a welcoming and easily accessible option. At its peak, you’ll be treated to a glimpse of Mt. Yotei and an uninterrupted view that stretches all the way to the boundless Sea of Japan. Whether you’re new to hiking or a seasoned explorer, we invite you to take time during this season and bask in Niseko’s mesmerising landscapes.

Refreshing Escapes: Beat the Heat with Niseko’s Freshwater Activities

When the summer sun bears down on Hokkaido, there’s no better way to beat the heat than immersing yourself in cooling activities by the rivers and lakes surrounding Niseko. For those looking for an exciting group activity, navigate the wild rapids through thrilling river rafting excursions with @hokkaidolionadventure. Or if you want to have a more unique experience, it is also recommended to join the Niseko Kawa-asobi or “Niseko river play,” from @hokkaidolionadventure where you can let yourself go with the flow of the river, jump into it, and play with your body in the natural terrain.

For a more relaxing activity, glide across serene lakes on a stand-up paddleboard while basking in Niseko’s tranquil beauty at Lake Toya in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. And for those seeking a moment of quiet contemplation, cast a line and try your hand at fishing in Niseko’s Shiribetsu River. Whether you’re seeking a fast-paced water activity for the summer or something to relax you, we invite you to embrace the cool waters and create unforgettable memories at Niseko’s freshwater playground.

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