Summertime Adventures: Must-Try Indoor and Nature Activities on Amami Oshima
June 5, 2023

Embrace a true sub-tropical climate in Japan at Amami Oshima island this June. During this period, rainy days are a lot more common, but don’t let that dampen your spirit, as the island offers indoor activities that are just as fun! Explore our guide to the best indoor activities in Amami Oshima to plan an exciting getaway to this tropical gem in June.

Discover Amami Oshima’s Underwater World at Ohama Seaside Park

Discover the aquatic life of Amami Oshima at the heart of Amami City’s Ohama Seaside Park. The marine biodiversity in the Amami Marine Museum’s Ocean Exhibition Hall is a must-visit destination for sea life enthusiasts. Here, you can delve deep into the synergistic relationship between the sea and the local Amamians through insightful exhibits of their harmonious coexistence. Visitors can marvel at the graceful sea turtles and colourful tropical fish in the large tank or get a closer look at the world of shrimp, crabs, shellfish, and other protected sea creatures in our smaller tanks for visitors to learn and observe the wildlife in the island. The park also has a fascinating showcase of Amami’s vibrant marine ecosystem, which uncovers the complexities of the island’s coral ecology that sculpt its seas. For a more hands-on experience, consider participating in a unique crafting workshop in the “Learning, Playing, and Experience” area. Here, you can craft your handmade jewellery or accessories using the natural treasures of the sea – corals, sand, and shells.

With abundant aquatic wonders to explore, it’s the perfect indoor activity for visitors on a rainy day in Amami. For more information on the park, visit their website or speak to our front house to assist you.

Immerse Yourself at the Amami Oshima World Heritage Conservation Center

The Amami-Oshima World Heritage Conservation Center showcases the remarkable biodiversity of Amami Oshima’s subtropical forests, encompassing the mesmerising mangroves and expansive laurel forests. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage, these forests serve as a sanctuary for numerous endemic and endangered species, including Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species. 

Inside the centre, the entrance foyer captivates with vibrant murals depicting the evolution of Amami Oshima’s diverse ecosystem, resembling pages from a captivating storybook. The exhibition room boasts life-sized dioramas showcasing the lush forest vegetation and rare creatures such as the Amami rabbit and other species endemic to the island. As visitors explore the venue, a large projection of the breathtaking footage of the island’s mountain streams and mist-shrouded forests plays against the walls, coupled with the natural sounds of the flora and fauna of the island. 

For more details on the best time to visit the venue, visit their website or simply speak to our team to make arrangements.

From immersing yourself in the vibrant marine life at Ohama Seaside Park’s Underwater World to basking in the sounds of the lush subtropical forests at the Amami Oshima World Heritage Conservation Center, there is no shortage of fun indoor experiences to embark upon on the island. For more ideas on things to do in Amami Oshima in June, follow our social media pages at @miruamami