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Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ

Sea Turtle Snorkeling

High probability (over 90%) of seeing sea turtles!

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ

Boat Snorkeling & Kutouri Beach Landing Tour

You can go to the secluded beach “Kotori-hama” by boat and enjoy snorkeling at the nearby point.

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ

Scuba Diving Experience

When you arrive by plane to Amami-Oshima, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view of the blue sea right before landing

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ

Skin Diving

Immerse Yourself in the Sea and Swim Freely!

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ


The various performances presented on the sea are truly spectacular!

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ


Recommended Course for Those Who Want to Challenge Mermaid Swimming!

Miru Amami ピックアップアクティビティ

Fishing Boat YONA

Enjoy casual fishing in a calm bay! No equipment necessary! 


Private Tours On Amami

Off-the-beaten-track to discover the best of the island!