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Insider Travel Tips: Hidden Gems in Amami Oshima
Insider Travel Tips: Hidden Gems in Amami Oshima
May 18, 2022

Among the breathtaking scenery and natural splendours, Amami Oshima is home to a plethora of beautiful treasures. We’re revealing a handful of the wonders to highlight moments and pastimes you must experience on the island.

Your journey of exploration begins here:


Here’s an idea for your island itinerary when you next visit: a trip to Yamatoson!⁠

Yamatoson is rich in nature, and has many designated parks and sites – making it a World Heritage recommendation.⁠
Arrive early in the morning to enjoy Forestpolis, a forest park within Yamatoson where you can experience subtropical nature, rivers and Materia waterfalls. There are playgrounds, trails and campsites – perfect for the entire family. Enjoy an afternoon swim around Kuninao’s coral reefs and cap off the evening by watching stunning sunsets on the beach. ⁠From May to August, Kuninao Beach is a spawning ground for sea turtles. So, look out for the wonders of the sea while you await the sun to go down.

To discover more idyllic locations like this, get in touch with Tamasu, the island’s native guides who will take you around to discover the island’s rich flora, wildlife, and local culture!

P/S: For those that would like to learn more about Amami wildlife and nature, pay a visit to Amami Wildlife Centre! This centre was established by the Ministry of Environment with the goal of aiding the preservation of the ecosystem and creatures of the Amami Archipelago.


If you’re in Amami Oshima this Spring, make the most of your time by exploring special places such as the Hidden Beach of Kise. Because of the lower tides this season, you’ll have a higher chance of encountering a greater variety of incredible marine life. While you’re there, we suggest slipping into leaf shoes and strolling along the shores to truly enjoy the ocean’s allure! ⁠

This year, this spectacular encounter will take place between May 14 and May 19. Do arrive at the beach 30 minutes to an hour before low tide to avoid missing it!!


Nesari, renowned across Japan for its “bean-to-bar” chocolate, is a chocolatier café located in Oshima Tsumugi-mura! They specially combine sugarcane from Amami Oshima with a blend of island ingredients and high-quality cacao from across the globe to create additive-free chocolates. The chocolate bars offered are wrapped in a special paper with motifs from Amami Oshima’s traditional kimono, Oshima-tsumugi.

Their coffee stand, situated next to Nesari Chocolate Studio at the entrance to Oshima Tsumugi Village, offers to-go cacao-based drinks, cacao-scented sweets, and aromatic home-roasted specialty coffees that are trademarks of bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

Since this coffee stand is just 10-minutes from our hotel, don’t forget to stop-by the next time you’re out exploring!⁠ Not to forget, Summer menu items will be added between June and July, so stay tuned for updates!

When traveling off the beaten path, you’ll discover Amami Oshima’s glories and charms from a local perspective. For more travel inspirations and curated guides on the island, follow our island adventures on @miruamami.