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Miru Collection is a modern lifestyle hotel where conscious travelers can experience “a soul enriching journey”.
Our mission is for guests to enjoy “a soul enriching journey” through experiencing the local nature and culture of our surroundings.
Our vision is to curate experiences for our guests that highlight the richness of our surroundings with world-class service.
In other words, we develop unrevealed local appeal, change guest’s view, and provide “service” to talk to their sense to enjoy the trip from the bottom of their heart – “a soul enriching journey”.


We, Miru Collection team members, are encouraged to act as a team and demonstrate your independent personality.


Always be honest; sincere & positive.
Passion for work; aspire to constantly improve & grow.
Our work is in the service industry, customer satisfaction should be first in our minds.
Respect all employees as partners, encourage everyones’ independence and growth.
Contribute to the local community where we operate and fulfill our responsibilities as a company.


We’re looking for passionate and innovative individuals who have an innate desire to make each of our properties a delight to return to.
We invite you to be a part of the Miru Collection family.

  • Open Positions

    Miru Amami is hiring!

    How to Apply:
    Please contact us before applying, you can email us at:
    Tel: 0997-55-4066

    Front Desk Reception / Restaurant Service / Housekeeping / General Cooking / Facility Management / Administrative Work / Driver

    *Job opportunities vary from time to time. Please send us an e-mail to find out more.

    Job Description:
    The crew periodically gains experience in several departments in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality business.

    To be determined based on experience and abilities.

    Job Location:
    800 Ashinoku, Tatsugo Town, Oshima gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, 894-0412

    Working Hours:
    6:00-23:00 (8-hour shifts, depending on weekly roster)

    Vacation Entitlement:
    Full-timers: 9 days off per month (8 days in February) plus paid vacations

    Employment insurance, workers’ compensation, health insurance, employee pension

    Additional benefits:
    Transportation expenses (up to JP¥20,000), overtime allowance plus one meal provided. Training to enhance work experience may occur in Kyoto and Niseko (Hokkaido), which are operated by the same group.

    What we are looking for:
    ・Cheerful, loves to interact with people and works as a team player
    ・Japanese Driving License holder
    ・Cooking experience is preferred for kitchen staff
    ・Comfortable with PC work
    ・U-turn, I-turn, J-turn are welcome
    ・Seasonal support or anyone new to hospitality industry are welcome to join
    ・English and other language skills are preferred for front desk / office
    ・For non-Japanese, the applicant must have an ability to communicate in Japanese (N2 level or more).